Signs Of Curse

We all have come across the word blessings in our life. We are blessed in our daily life on various occasions. We may be blessed by our parents, teachers or by the priest from our Church etc. Obedience brings blessing. These blessings bring Prosperity and abundance  in our life. It is always God’s will that mankind may be blessed. In Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 28 we see that God Blessed Adam and Eve and said unto them, “ Be fruitful and multiply “. Now there is something that operates opposite to that of blessing. And it’s the “ Curse “. A Curse comes from an act of disobedience to God. Here we will discuss about  Signs of curse. Rather than giving a very long essay i will make it very short so that it would be interesting to read and you will understand them very well. Given below are some signs of curses operating in human life.

   Mental Disorder / Emotional Instability.

If a family have repeated history of people with mental sickness, if it is a thing that recurs frequently in a family then it said to be in bondage and the family is for sure under a curse. Emotional instability or Confusion and depression are two key indicators of this family curse.

Hereditary Family Sickness.

All Sickness are not demonic. But Certain types of sickness are hereditary and passed on  from generation to generation. This is an indication of curse operating in the family.

Barrenness / Impotence etc.

In Genesis we see that God bless Adam & Eve to be fruitful and multiply. If there is something that blocks this blessing, then it’s a bondage. If there are many in the family with the same problem, then it is surely a curse.

Breakdown of Family / Marriage.

This curse operates in family in many ways, when there is divorce, when there is fighting within family, fighting among relatives etc. God wants us to stay united. Any thing that brings division is not from God. God Blessed man and woman to be together. Divorce rates and the number of fatherless children are very large in number in certain countries. They are for sure living in bondage of this curse.

Financial Instability.

We hear some people say about their financial crisis. It’s about the crisis that has been going on from generation to generation. Example an agricultural land supposed to give good yields, continuously being destroyed by pests or some nature forces. Here we see there is financial bondage’s in the family.

History of Unnatural death, Suicides, Being accident prone.

There are situations where we see suicides or unnatural deaths in a family. Or there are people who have unusual number of strange accidents. These also are signs of evil forces and curses operating in the family.

Galatians 3:13
Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

Jesus Christ has taken our curse and sets us free from the bondage’s of sin. All we have to do is call upon his name and be washed in the precious blood of the lord. Every generational Curse will be broken by the power and authority of his name. Remember the most important thing is in identifying if these forces are operating in your life and breaking its influence in the name of Jesus. God Bless. 

About Passion4christ

I am 35, married, have a son of 5 years & daughter of 2 years. Basically a Mechanical engg, currently working in Aerospace. A firm believer in God, and have a great passion for our Lord Jesus.
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