Jesus Christ – The Real Super Hero

My Real HeroWhen I was a Kid, I was very much addicted to comic books super heroes.  At first, my favourite was Batman.  I loved the way he used his powers to fight evil. Then, I started to be more interested in spider man than… Batman. Batman never had any superpowers but used his intellect & physical powers, while spider man did possess some super powers.  Later on I was more interested in superman who I believed was more powerful than Batman & spider man. As a child I was very much fascinated by the powers these fictional characters portrayed.

One Sunday while in Church, my mom told me that “Jesus on the cross was more powerful than anyone on the world”.  I looked at the cross and found it very hard to understand. In my young mind, I thought “The lord himself is suffering on the cross, then how can he use his powers to save others”.

All Religions mention about the power their God’s possess. There we see Gods using their powers to punish and destroy people on earth. Jesus never used his power to punish anyone.  In fact the Bible says in Isaiah 53:5 “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities “. He allowed himself to be punished so that we can escape the wrath of God. This is Real Power. The most powerful and the most positive force in the universe is love. And my Jesus proved it on the cross. Now I understand how powerful my Lord is…. My Jesus is the Real Hero… Amen… God Bless you all..


About Passion4Christ

I am 38, married, have a son & 2 daughters. Basically a Mechanical Engineer, currently working in Aerospace. A firm believer in God, and have a great passion for our Lord Jesus.
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