5 Powerful Psalms

Powerful Psalms   ” 5 Powerful Psalms”

The Early Church had given much importance to Psalms. Book of psalms is a collection of different kinds of poetry or different types of prayer. I would like to point out 5 of them which i think is really powerful and should be included in your daily prayer. Reciting these psalms daily would help you learn them by heart and you can pray them  at any time. When we pray using psalms, we are proclaiming the word. These five psalms below are powerful and i believe would rekindle your daily prayer life..

  1. Psalms 51 – Prayer for Forgiveness. 
  2. Psalms 32 – Joy of Forgiveness.
  3. Psalms 23 – Assurance from God
  4. Psalms 150 – Praises to God.
  5. Psalms 91 – Protection from God.                      

It begins with Psalms 51, asking god for forgiveness, continues with Psalms 32 believing that he forgives if we confess our sins, Psalms 23 which reminds that he will take care of all our needs, Psalms 150 which gives praises to the lord and finally Psalms 91 which is a powerful protection prayer. So in real you have covered all areas for a short prayer….God bless..


14 Responses to 5 Powerful Psalms

  1. talle says:

    Hello…thank you very much for the scriptures but I have sinned against God my parents family members and some of the people I have sinned against well I don’t even remember them but I ask God to forgive me for the way I’ve lived and treated other people. If I pray this prayer will God truly forgive me???also I have been trying so hard to pray but at times I just feel weak

  2. Wankih says:

    Thanks brother and sisters in Christ and I really wish for more directions on how to be able to study and understand God’s word

  3. hi my name is JOEBE M. DENNIS ,live in GHANA as a child of GOD trying to do his will so my reason writing u this letter is for you to give me more information about the WORD of GOD.I want to do a wonderful thing in the word of GOD.i will like for you to call me on my phone so we talk better .i am a LIBERIAN live in GHANA .my plan is for me to preach the word of GOD,around the world .to heal the sick ,the blind,all kinds of people that the devil suppress. this is my number u can call me with 2xxxxxxxxxxxx4 thanks now…………….. joexxxxxxxs@yahoo.com

  4. ever lovely says:

    tenx 4 d versions brother…, but wich one is d prayer 4 job and partner of life and wer can dat b found.?

  5. grace says:

    can this be my morning and evening prayer???

  6. Emmanuel Nkansah says:

    This is wonderful may God help us.

  7. frank says:

    this is wonderful.

    thanks for the insight

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